Do you have hip arthritis?

Are you waiting for hip replacement surgery?

Do you want to achieve full function and strength post hip replacement surgery?

How can I help you?

Now you can become proactive with the hip replacement e-book and video. If you have hip osteoarthritis or are preparing for or recovering from a total hip replacement, hip resurfacing, or a partial hip replacement, then our E-book is a must have for you! It is an excellent, complete resource guide of hip exercises for pre and post operation hip replacement.

The Hip Replacement Exercise Video is an excellent “how to” guide with technique tips to perform the exercises correctly. It provides clear visual demonstrations detailing proper form.


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Over 10 Years Of Knowledge & Experience

Jody Kennett is the creator of this e-book and video ‘The Complete Guide of Exercises for Hip Replacement Surgery’. She has over eleven years experience training hundreds of clients one on one and in a group setting. The e-book is a compilation of the knowledge and hands-on experience she gained from leading, developing and building a successful community joint replacement program.

This joint replacement program has been offered in collaboration with a local hospital and their physiotherapy team. It grew from one class of six participants to six classes of twelve participants designed for two levels of ability as well as a class for the younger, working group.

Jody Kennett is a personal trainer with 15 years experience who studied Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University where she obtained a diploma in Health and Fitness. In addition, she is certified internationally as an ACE Advanced Exercise Specialist and locally as a BCRPA personal trainer.

The Benefits You Will Receive

Safe, effective hip exercises with tremendous benefits:

  • Recover quicker by strengthening muscles pre surgery
  • Maintain flexibility pre surgery which aids better gait, function and posture
  • Relieve arthritic stiffness and pain with exercises
  • Receive cardiovascular benefits by improving and or maintaining aerobic conditioning pre surgery
  • Return to optimal function in daily activities and hobbies by following this complete post operation hip replacement exercise program
  • Build endurance, stamina and strength to participate in all your regular activities and feel good again
  • Foster good flexibility which will help you regain independence, function and confidence in your ability to do daily tasks
  • Improve gait, posture and balance post hip surgery
  • Prevent dislocation through strength and education
  • Promote healing and speed recovery
  • Increase energy, mood and confidence


Client Testimonials

You have made a huge difference to my rehabilitation for both my hip and back. I have recommended you to others because I believe you make a difference.” ~ Russell

I broke my hip playing hockey and I could hardly walk when I started this exercise program. Now I am fully recovered plus! Jody trained me from hardly walking to a higher level of fitness – the best I’ve been in years.” ~ Ron

Jody has worked with me for two knee replacements and one hip revision. After each operation, she has worked consistently to improve not only my hip and knees, but general health and well being. She uses her knowledge and experience to good effect and I am very happy to give her an excellent reference.” ~ Vaughan

“I owe my recovery, after a prolonged period of arthritic pain, as much to Jody as to the surgeon and his staff.. She has in her what it takes to build back the confidence and physiological functions of individuals who get help from her.” ~ Professor A.H. Somjee

I have purchased your online video hip replacement exercises and love it.
Your tips and instruction are wonderful and I like your attention to form, it is very beneficial. I feel like I have a personal training session with you every time I use it. Thanks again and all the best with your invaluable coaching and assistance.”
Lesley MacMillan

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  • Decreasing pain
  • Recovering quicker post surgery
  • Returning to function in daily tasks & hobbies
  • Having 4 complete exercise programs for both pre & post operation and for 3 levels beginner to advanced
  • Receiving expert advice from over a decade of experience
  • A personal training exercise program specific to hip replacement & arthritis which average $60 a session
  • Learning safe, effective exercises and guidelines to follow to avoid dislocation
Hip Replacement Exercises e-Book
  • Over 150 pictures
  • 50 Exercises – beginner to advanced
  • Complete pre-operative exercise program
  • Complete post-operative exercie program
  • Progression suggestions
  • Detailed tips from an expereniced professional
  • Alternate treatment suggestions
  • Over $60 value
Hip Replacement Excercises Video
  • 60+ min. of detailed video instruction
  • Pre-operative exercises
  • Post-operative exercises
  • Balance and gait exercises
  • Hip range of motion exercises
  • Important stretches
  • Tips and cues for good form
  • Setting goals pre & post operative
  • Over $60 value
Hip Replacement e-Book & Video
  • e-book and video combo for only $27
  • 60+ min of detailed video instruction
  • Complete hip replacement exercise e-book
  • Over $120 value

These rates are a special introductory offer. Secure your copy of this amazing exercise program at this low rate now. Save $10 and receive both the e-book and video for only $27.00. The video will be available to watch anytime online.

Also available – The Knee Replacement Exercise E-Book. If you also have arthritis in your knee or you are a health professional who designs exercise programs for people with knee and hip arthritis, then you will receive great benefit from the knee replacement exercise e-book. Please visit